The Problem

disconnected illn-1

Many people are disconnected.

Many people are disconnected from life; they text, tweet, and email, and are losing out on personal connections.

Some become focused on work, stressed out all day in a cubicle with a pile of paper or emails that never diminish. They go in early, and leave late – but feel empty and tired. Some people go “in to” a ‘job’ every day, and “go out” with “friends” every night, but always feel like something is missing.

We search for happiness in all the wrong places: poor and shallow relationships; self-medicating nightly or on the weekends; hanging out with people WE have no interest in. or whom have no real interest in us. We become so self-focused, for whatever reasons, that we lose sight of what’s really important in living life. We don’t stop or slow up to make time to change our course, or begin discerning different lifestyles and resources that might help us move on. We don’t make “the choice” to make time for others!

Some just don’t know how to get started, where to go, who to talk to, how to serve.
“Almost everybody aspires to greater levels of generosity. The problem is life gets in the way. We know the things that make us happy, we just don’t do them.” by Matthew Kelly.

SOFT facilitates a fun and easy-to-do process for people to live their faith; to have a meaningful life.