Help Us Build It

You will help us build the movement; a new culture.

SOFT is a new, cutting-edge 21st century initiative to make ourselves and our Faith – relevant in today’s secular world. New as in October 2013.

Cutting-edge in that no one else is providing resources and strategies to help us serve others – to personally connect with them. Everyone else talks about charity-type applications, giving material things, and occasionally your time; but not about a personal conversation that builds people-up, shows they matter, and are worthwhile; that you want to walk with them as a person; that you care.

Cutting-edge in that no one else is employing a social-connection strategy for tribe disciples to support, encourage, collaborate with each other for fun, connection, and accountability – elements humans seem to need to survive, and thrive.

Imagine the excitement and challenge of being part of developing this new movement – this new culture for the world. Working and acting on new ideas, maybe your ideas? Discussing them, watching them evolve, and possibly seeing those ideas change the world – change the way we ALL treat each other.

You can be the change. We need your ideas, your talents, and your time. Help us build this new initiative, this new culture, into the great phenomenon of your time. Be part of this SOFT team and help us change the way we all treat each other!

Please send any suggestions and comments; or to describe how you might donate your time and talent to further our cause.

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